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kA Testing Facility is an independent testing laboratory, accredited by UKAS to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025. ISO/IEC 17025 is the main ISO/CASCO standard used by testing and calibration laboratories. In summary, this means that all our test engineers are appropriately skilled and competent; all testing carried out is repeatable with no bias; and we produce accurate reporting on results.

To this solid foundation of quality, we add personal service and excellent customer care to give all of our customers a first class experience.


Services kA Testing Facility Provide

Our Testing Capability

Accelerated Weathering Testing.

This is a method for testing how a product or material will react when subjected to an outdoor environment. Using our chamber we are able to replicate a variety of climatic conditions and simulate multiple years of exposure to an outdoor environment.

Cross Cut Adhesion/Cross Hatch Test.

This test is used to test the adhesion strength of coatings and adhesives. These tests can be performed following accelerated weathering testing to inform you of how the coating or adhesive will react following outdoor exposure.

Salt Spray/Corrosion Testing.

This test involves submitting a material or product to a highly corrosive atmosphere and is a very effective way to prove surface coatings on products. Corrosion testing is carried out by combining time in the salt spray & a climatic chamber.

Climatic Testing.

Our climatic chamber has the ability to run between the temperatures of -40 - +180 degrees C without humidity and 10 - 95 degrees C with humidity. We are able to run electrical equipment at these temperatures along with damp heat tests.

Flammability Testing.

These tests are fire hazard tests which are designed to prove classification of a product which can be used for quality assurance or to prove minimum flammability classification for materials used in end products.

Glow Wire Testing.

These tests are used to assess the safety of materials used in electrical products in the event of a thermal stress situation. It is also used to find the ignition temperature and flammability index of materials.

Temperature Rise Testing.

This test is to verify the temperature rise on an assembly. We currently have 3 laboratories with the ability to carry out these tests which can range from a few amps on individual components up to 7000 amps on complete assemblies.

Ingress Protection Testing.

This test is to determine the IP classification code to verify the degree of protection against the penetration of solid objects, dust, water & accidental contact.

Tensile, Flexural & Compression Testing.

These tests are run on both products and materials and are used to test how the product or material react to a force being applied. These tests involve pulling, bending & crushing the product or material in question and the force applied is recorded.

Charpy/Izod Testing

These tests are performed on materials and involve striking them with a pendulum hammer and the force that is used to break the specimen. Both of these tests can be performed following environmental conditioning.

Static, Torsional & Shock Load Testing

These tests are performed on outdoor products and are designed to prove your products resistance to accidental damage or vandalism.

Mechanical Impact/IK Testing

This test involves a pendulum hammer striking an object and is used to prove a products suitability for its intended environment. We currently offer IK tests between IK7 - IK10 (2 - 20 joules)

LV Electrical Testing

We can test and certify low voltage electrical products to the IEC 61439 product standard for electrical switchgear and controlgear.

MV & HV Electrical Testing

We have facilities to carry out dielectric tests, impulse tests up to 300kV, power frequency tests up to 130kV AC/100kV DC and partial discharge testing in a controlled environment with less than 1pC background noise.

Cables, Plugs, Sockets, Terminal & Clamp Testing

We are able to offer testing according to manufacturers requirements to verify their products in conformance with the relevant product standards.

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